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Terms and Conditions

1. Entry time to the stall area is strictly between  8:00 am to 9:30 am. Last entry strictly at 9:30am.  
2. All stallholders must remove their cars (except food trucks/trailers) from the stall area before 10:00 am.
3. Stallholders must set up only at the spot allocated to them. No change or swapping permitted on the day. Only one vehicle per stall allowed inside the Robelle Domain Circle.
4. Vehicles are not to be driven on the grass, use cement driveways only.
5. Driving speed inside the Robelle Domain Circle is 5km/ph and you are required to bring another person along with you to assist you as a spotter to watch out for any oncoming traffic, kids, objects and the general public. If you don't have a spotter on the day, please wait near the entry and one of our volunteers will assist you.  
6. All stalls need to bring their own power, tent, sandbags, tables and chairs. no pegs are allowed on the grass.
7. All stalls need to bring their own generator or battery led lamp for power or lighting.
8. It is the stall holder’s responsibility to set up, clean up, pack up and remove any rubbish/ waste from their respective stalls, no skip bins will be provided & use of rubbish bins available at the venue is not allowed.
9. Stallholders are responsible to provide hand sanitisers at their stalls.
10. Stallholders are responsible to enforce Covid Safe practices at their stalls including separate counters for payments and pick up.
11. We will have people from diverse cultures attending the event including kids and stallholders need to take appropriate safety measures and look after the personal safety and safety of all those present in & around the stall.
12.Varnam Cultural Society (QLD) inc. will not be liable for any injuries or damage to property that resulted from the stall.
13. Any violation by the stallholder will be reported to the onsite security/council officer and also Ipswich City council which may impact on your future opportunities to place a stall in Ipswich City Council areas.
14. Any marketing materials, signs and other items should not extend beyond 1m on all sides from the stall space allocated to you.
15. All leads and extension cables should be safely secured to the ground with appropriate cable/ trip protectors and not be left loose on the ground to avoid physical tripping over the cord. 

16. Pack up and exit only allowed after the event finishes (approx. 9pm).

Cancellation policy

1. No Charges if a stall booking is cancelled 30 days before the event.
2. 30% of the stall costs if cancelled up to 15 days before the event.
3. 50% of the stall costs if cancelled between 7 and 14 days before the event.
4. 100% of the stall costs if cancelled within 7 days before the event.
5. No refund for no show.

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