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President’s Welcome Message


Rajarajan Thennavan

Founder/ President

Varnam Cultural Society (QLD) Inc.

Vanakkam (Greetings in Tamil) I take privilege in Thanking you all for the continuing support offered to Chithirai Kalai Vizha, Multicultural Tamil & Indian New Year Celebrations each year and on behalf of the Tamil & Indian Community in QLD, Varnam Cultural Society (QLD) Inc. is proud to celebrate this event once again in a much grander scale at Robelle Domain Parklands, Springfield this year. True Multiculturalism is someone performing for an unknown language and learning their culture and I believe it can only be achieved by showing mutual respect to others including respecting their language and culture, Speaking about multiculturalism there is no perfect example than India with 122 major languages and 1599 other languages spoken by people and Australia which is a multicultural hub for accommodating migrants and refugees from various countries and backgrounds around the world. At our Chithirai Kalai Vizha every year we have performers from North India performing for Tamil, Malayalam & Telugu songs, performers from South India performing for Bollywood songs as well as to other South Indian Languages, and for the past two years we have also had diverse people from Malaysia, China, and local Australian community as a part of our organizing committee and volunteering to promote an inclusive and supportive community.

We have nearly 250 performers performing today at our Multicultural Tamil & Indian New Year Celebrations and I am proud to say that in the last 9 years Varnam Cultural Society has staged over 1000 talents at our Chithirai Kalai Vizha including over 600 new talents for whom we have provided the opportunity to perform on stage for the first time. We are also one of the First from the Tamil and Indian Community to be Inducted as a Multicultural QLD Ambassador at the Inaugural Multicultural QLD Ambassador Program promoting the Multicultural QLD Charter and all these achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our past & present team members, sponsors, performers, dance schools, other organizations, volunteers and most importantly our community people who have supported us over this period. We still have big goals to achieve and we have started working on one of them already which is taking the richness of the Tamil culture and the great deeds that the language can provide to the wider community, which is why it is imperative to hold events like this that promotes and fosters Multiculturalism and promotes community cohesion and we all get an opportunity to share our languages, culture, and views. One of my favorite quotes from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam “When All Birds look for shelter during a rain, Eagle avoids rain by flying above the Clouds”. Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference, so work hard and keep a positive attitude, success will follow you wherever you Go. On behalf of the Management Committee, I wish you all a Happy & Prosperous Tamil Puthandu, Vishu, Ugadi, Gudhi Padwa, Baisakhi, Vaisakhi, Samsar Padwo, Cheiraoba, Navreh, Navratra, Rongali Bihu, Bishuva Sankranti, Poila Boishakh, and Jud Sheetal.


Best Regards

Rajarajan Thennavan

Founder/ President

Varnam Cultural Society (QLD) Inc.

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Chithirai Kalai Vizha 2019

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Karthigai Dheepam 2019 

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Karthigai Dheepam 2018 

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The Greater Springfield Festival 2023 opening video


Official opening of the greater sprinfield festival


Tamil Parai Performance


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