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Varnam Cultural Society (QLD) Inc. was founded by Rajarajan Thennavan in April 2012, when he found out that there was a growing need for an organization to focus on training, upskilling and staging the younger generation at the same time make them understand and nurture the Culture as well. With the help of the local dance & music schools, parents, volunteers, and the past and present members of Varnam Cultural Society (QLD), we have so far staged over 500 new talents who have never been on stage before for the very first time at our annual Chithirai Kalai Vizha (New Year) Celebrations. In addition to it, we have also trained and staged new talents for other community and non-profit groups that will take the total close to 900.


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Another key aspect of Varnam Cultural Society (QLD) is building community cohesion by promoting & fostering multiculturalism in QLD hence we have set up bridging communities initiative through which we have assisted many other groups in setting up their events by collaborating as a Cultural Partner and performing at various other community events & festivals.

Social Responsibility At Varnam Cultural Society (QLD) Inc., we also understand our social responsibility and always strive to do our best towards the health & wellbeing of our community by organizing Blood Donation Campaigns, Cancer Awareness sessions & Initiatives, Fund Generation towards the treatment of cancer patients & those affected by natural disasters. Some of our members have also volunteered to be Organ Donors and Bone Marrow Donors and we have raised money and materials towards local foster care activities as well.







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